About us.

Skratch is a new social business. Its currently in beta and we're keen to get peoples feedback on what they like and don't like, so we can keep improving.

These are the questions we get asked most.....

What's Skratch about?

We think people,like to help other people when they can but it's sometimes hard to know who wants help and what you can do 

And often people need a bit of help on something but don't like to ask  - or dont know the right people

So Skratch is designed to help people help people. By signing up and telling people how you might be able to help them, it becomes easier for people to give and find help. And whilst you may not be able to do anything specific for the person who helps you, you can help someone else so the whole community benefits.

It's designed for people to help each other for free. So the jobs will tend to be small ones - a few hours of someones time.

What skills should I list?

Skills isn't the perfect word, but it's really where you list what you can do for other people. Some people have very obvious skills (building, accounting, gardening etc) whilst others have softer skills - help with shopping, dog walking, baby sitting, giving a lift.... All these are equally valid.

How do we use the points

For Skratch to work it has to feel fair. So points are a way to reward people who help you. Essentially you need points you get help -so if you use all yours up getting help you need to go help someone else to earn some more. 

To start with, everyone has 100 points and we think 10 points for an hour of help seems a good place to start. But you can agree more or less if you think it's appropriate.

The one exception to this will be charities where we will give them lots of points to reward people who help them. ( if you know any charities please tell them about Skratch and encourage them to sign up and try us out)

Is this safe?

We think the vast majority of people are honest and good. So Skratch is designed around this. But it makes sense to use your common sense and check people out before you agree on help - just as you would with anyone else. keeping all messages within Skratch mean you don't need to share personal details until you are happy. Then we suggest you chat on the phone to make sure you are both happy with the job.

And you also need to reassure yourself that the person has the right skills for the help you need. And use the reviews to share feedback, so the people doing a good job get the recognition they deserve.

We can't take any responsibility for any problems so do take care, just as you would were you to respond to a newspaper ad. And you can also check people out locally - ask around and see if any of your friends know the person offering to help.

How you can get involved 

For this idea to work we need people like you to get involved. Please sign up and  list your skills and any jobs you need doing. And tell your friends.

We believe that Skratch will thrive in local communities so why not try and get all your friends, family and neighbours signed up.

And we continue to value your feedback, so let us know how you find the service and share any thoughts on how we might improve with us.