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We are a local not for profit group....supporting the homeless....We always have an issue with either needing a van or with collections in general..... It would be great to have people we could just call up and ask for help..... Can you be one?
ulti collection and drop off all over Manchester and Salford, over 1 day or as many as you like. Driving and man with van or van?

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Coffee 4 Craig 07543 590 330 is a not for profit organisation set up to support the homeless community in memory of Craig White. Like us on Facebook Coffee4Craig @coffee4craig Craig White was 37 when he died, he lived on the streets in Cardiff after years of mental health problems he turned to drink and then fatally drugs to cope and silence the demons in his mind. Above all though he was a son, a father, a brother and an uncle and will be missed by everyone who knew him. We are determined to see some good come come from his death. Please support us... We are in the process of starting up Outreach both in Cardiff and Manchester, we can only so this with your support. We are also linking lots of other outreach and charities to make sure the support stretches as far and wide as possible. We aim to get the right people to the right places to support the best causes!! We are a small charity run by 2 but supported by many. We have volunteers who have been moved to take action by the realisation that becoming homeless really can happen to anyone!! The motivation for our dedication is and always will be the memory of Craig White.

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