Fundraising Events Team Leader Three Rivers & Watford


How you will make a difference to cats and people:
s a Fundraising Events Organiser, you will play a key role in co-ordinating, motivating and supporting local volunteers in raising those all-important funds. Cats in our care rely on generous donations from people who love cats and count on volunteers like you to make those donations happen. You will lead volunteers in a variety of fundraising events and activities raising much needed funds for cats in your area.

Making a difference to cats can mean raising as little as 18p a day (enough to feed one cat in our care for a day) to a pocket bulging £150 a week (the average cost for a cat in our care) however much you raise you and your team can make a real difference!

How volunteering for Cats Protection can make a big difference to you:
€¢ You will get a lot of personal satisfaction and enjoyment from your volunteering role
€¢ You will have the opportunity to make a real difference to cats and kittens across the UK
€¢ You will be able to develop new skills, expand your knowledge and use your existing expertise to bring out the best in others
€¢ You will meet new people, make new friendships and work as part of a dedicated team
€¢ You will become a key member of the team in the UK’s leading feline welfare charity

What the role involves:
€¢ Supporting and encouraging volunteers who want to participate in fundraising activities
€¢ Working alongside other volunteers and staff to plan fundraising events and activities
€¢ Co-ordinating and delegating key tasks prior to and at fundraising events
€¢ Being responsible for funds raised and ensuring that they are accounted for and banked appropriately
€¢ Maintaining records from fundraising events
€¢ Encouraging others to promote a positive and professional image of Cats Protection
€¢ Ensuring that fundraising events and activities comply with Cats Protection policy and guidelines and that local licences and permits are obtained prior to the event

Skills and experience required or could be developed:
€¢ Good organisational skills
€¢ Strong interpersonal skills and people management experience are important for this role
€¢ Experience of using your leadership skills to bring out the best in your team
€¢ Ability to prioritise and delegate tasks
€¢ Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate at all levels
€¢ Comfortable handling money
€¢ Knowledge of local community networks

Time expectation:
€¢ This is a key role that will require flexibility and time commitment will vary depending on the type and number of fundraising activities at any given time. It is not unusual for our team leaders to volunteer approximately 3-4 hours per week.

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