Treasurer- Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket


‘As a Treasurer, I play a vital role in the branch by working with others to ensure we have the resources to carry on the group’s great work, while other volunteers focus on caring for the cats and kittens. All of us working together to meet Cats Protections objectives.’ Bob Harper, Wolverhampton Branch

How you will make a difference to cats and people:
s a charity Cats Protection relies solely on generous donations from people who love cats. This role is of great importance for keeping an eye on your volunteer group’s finances, ensuring your group has the money in the bank to help cats in your area.

How volunteering for Cats protection can make a big difference to you:
You will get a lot of personal satisfaction and enjoyment from your volunteering role
You will have the opportunity to make a real difference to cats and kittens in your community and across the UK
You will be able to develop new skills, expand your knowledge and use your existing expertise
You will meet new people, make new friendships and work as part of a dedicated team
You will become a key member in the UK’s largest feline welfare charity

What the role involves:
Maintaining accurate financial records and following Cats Protection’s financial procedures
Regularly reporting financial records via Cashlog (CP supplied software)
Paying invoices and volunteer expenses
Working with others to ensure the group has sufficient funds to meet expenditure
Updating and advising the committee on income received, expenditure and available funds
Preparing budgets
Managing and monitoring all donations made to the group
Working with others to ensure financial procedures are followed e.g. Gift Aid returns, VAT claims, shop accounts
Playing a key role in the committee/volunteer team

Skills and experience which are expected and/or can be developed in this role:
Experience or knowledge of accounting/book keeping and/or good numeracy skills
Ability to collect and present information clearly and logically
Attention to detail
Good communication skills
Willingness to work as part of a team
Confident in the use of IT systems
Good written and verbal communication skills
Ability to work on your own initiative

Time expectation:
his is an extremely flexible role; we would envisage 2-4 hrs. per week as an average for this role. More time may be required from time to time but you and the branch/volunteer group/Adoption Centre team will work together and plan what is needed. This role can be shared with other volunteers.

ow we will support you:
ou will receive full training and support in your role. Your contact for this role will provide you with day to day support, guidance and direction and your staff contact will work with others to ensure that you have a positive, enjoyable volunteering experience. We also have Finance, Volunteering and Branch Support teams who can provide you with guidance and information.

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